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We offer individual support sessions for children, adolescents and their parents in the form of counselling, intervention, treatment, therapy and capacity building. 


Sessions are 50 minutes and are booked throughout the day during the school term.  Initial Intake sessions are 75 minutes


  • Individual counselling and intervention sessions. 

  • Childhood issues (5 years+).

  • Adolescent issues.

  • Parenting issues.

  • Neurotypical issues.

  • Neurodivergent children and young people who are verbal (speaking).

  • Mental Health Treatment Plans from GP's and Pediatricians

  • NDIS (self-managed).

  • Capacity building supports for early childhood interventions (7 years or below)

  • Therapy support (children above 7 years)

  • Screening for developmental disorders: recommendation and referral for full assessments (Autism & neurodivergence).

The areas we work with:

  • Emotional regulation (such as managing anxiety, anger, depression)

  • Emotion coaching

  • Friendship skills

  • Social skills development

  • Mental health issues: anxiety, depression etc.

  • school refusal

  • Nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting).

  • Executive function difficulties. 

  • Study & exam related support for VCE students.

  • Most childhood and adolescent issues.

  • Case management consultation for parents. We can help you to navigate and make sense of the plethora of assessments, reports and recommendations by the range of professionals involved in your child's care. You signed up to raise and love your child and you may struggle to also be their advocate and a case manager. During child-focused parent sessions we can assist you to review, prioritise, co-ordinate and draw together your child's support services and leave with a sense of what to action next.  We recommend one session per term to review how your child is progressing and what approach or strategy to try next.  


We do not offer: 

- We do not offer diagnostic assessments of neuro-developmental disorders (Autism/ ADHD diagnoses).  Currently we are focusing on providing counseling, therapy, treatment and interventions and capacity building support. Whilst we can provide screening and recommendations about the need for further assessment we will refer your child to our sister services for diagnostic assessments.

- We do not offer cognitive, learning or psychoeducational assessments. Whilst we can provide screening and recommendations about the need for further assessment we will refer your child to our sister services for a full diagnostic assessments.

- We do not offer letters, reports or assessments for court purposes.  This is a specialized area of psychology (forensic psychology) and you will be referred to a more appropriate service if this is the service being sought.
- We do not offer family therapy. We are mindful of the systems in which a young person exists and operates, such as their family system, their school system and incorporate these systems of support into therapy wherever possible. However family therapy is a specialized area and when this approach is suggested we can refer you onto a Family Therapist.

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