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“Kids do well if they can

  • Children and Adolescents (5 years +)

  • Parenting and Families

  • Neurodivergence

  • Capacity Building Support

  • Counselling and Mental Health

  • School Based Issues




At My Vibe Psychology we believe in supporting families.  We believe that parenting a child with additional needs can be really tough at times.  We hear from parents that it can be isolating, confusing and also magnificent.  We know that parents are doing the best they can with the resources they have.  Our aim is to assist parents and children to find joy and meaning in their life.  

We believe in celebrating each child and young person's unique and individual 'vibe' and in helping them to allow their true self to shine brightly and proudly.    We want to help our children and adolescents celebrate who they are and provide the support they need to lead rich and meaningful lives. 

My Vibe Psychology is a boutique practice which enables our psychologist to really focus on clients needs.   We can offer an individualized, tailored service for your child/young person and family.  


We use gentle, child-centered, and strengths-based approaches.   We draw on evidence based practice and help develop proactive and collaborative solutions. 

Maria has a particular interest in supporting secondary school students with school related difficulties, such as test- and performance- anxiety, as well as study skills and executive dysfunction.  

Qualifications: Masters in Psychology (Educational & Developmental), Monash  University.

Hello! I love connecting with children and young people, supporting them and hopefully have a bit of fun with them along the way.  My aim is to help children and young people to know themselves, to move towards meaningful goals and be their best selves.  I love Ross Green's saying 'children do well if they can' and at My Vibe Psychology we believe that this same thing applies for parents and families.  Children, young people, parents and families are well intentioned and all want to do well - if they can.  


I use a range of developmentally appropriate approaches to supporting children, young people and families.  I am a registered Educational & Developmental Psychologist with close to 20 years of experience working with children and young people across a variety of settings including private clinics, and independent and government schools.  My experience is within mainstream school settings and so am most experienced in working with verbal (speaking) children without significant cognitive impairments.    


Dry Time Kids.

On a separate note - Maria also runs Dry Time Kids, which is a very effective treatment service for children who are 6 years + and still wetting the bed.  



-Consulting Tuesdays onsite by appointment.  

-Consulting Fridays online by appointment.  


Please complete an 'Appointment Request Form' and if your request is a match for services offered at My Vibe, you will be contacted as soon as we have a vacancy to offer you or your child.  


We have appointments currently available for 'Parenting Support' sessions via telehealth on a Friday.  This is a way of parents accessing support and guidance for themselves, to talk about the issue with the child and access strategies and guidance as to how to manage the issue. 

For a general questions use 'Contact My Vibe Psychology'


To request an appointment for  please complete our 'Request an Appointment Form' to tell us about your child: 

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